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The Family is one of the basic units of the American way of life. It is the foundation for our society and the way in which we learn how to interact, our morals and even how to communicate our thoughts correctly and courteously to others. For years, the government - both federal and in the state of Michigan, sought to create a bureaucracy for the protection of families and children. In many cases they do their jobs very well and actually protect abused or neglected children well. However, there are times when the government fails. When they fail, it is huge, and costly (in terms of time, money, and reputation), emotional and destructive to families. We are proud to offer Family Protective Services to all of the lower half of Michigan. We take the protection of families and children very seriously, and will work tirelessly to protect them! Call us now! 1-866-766-5245!


In Michigan, there are two "services" that the public both fears and respects. The first is the Department of Human Services (DHS ). DHS is charged with helping protect and assist people in Michigan. They are the state's agency for welfare, various assistance programs and education of Michiganians in the areas of domestic violence and sexual abuse. They provide an important and much needed service to the citizens of Michigan. When there is an allegation or even a suspicion of Family violence or sexual abuse, they will investigate the claim, and bring it to the attention of the police. The second department is a subdivision of DHS which is called Children's Protective Services or CPS. Children's Protective Services is the arm of DHS that is charged with the investigation of Child Abuse and Child Neglect. This means that when a neighbor, coworker or anyone else reports that they witnessed or believe you are abusing your child, CPS will investigate. Sometimes these allegations are true. If you are on our website, you believe that your set of circumstances may be different. We can help you. When Children's Protective Services in Michigan contacts you, you should call us immediately. Immediately means immediately. Speak with us before you have a conversation with any CPS worker or police officer. Our firm has helped many families overcome the trauma of an encounter with CPS. If you allow it, Child Protective Services has been known to walk all over you; we are here to prevent that from happening!


Keep in mind when dealing with CPS in Michigan that they are given more leeway then the police. They can (and will) attempt to question your child, gain access to your home, and question your neighbors, friends, and employer. They might go to your child's school and interrogate your child without your knowledge or permission. They have been known to show up at your child's day care without prior notice. They sometimes twist facts to fit their needs. Not every CPS worker does this and it does not happen in every case. However, we commonly see this in cases we handle. If you try to go it alone, without an experienced CPS defense attorney like our Family protection services team, the evidence CPS has gathered will make the case incredibly one sided. The sooner you enlist our Family protective services, the more rapidly we can begin to work toward helping you.


This is very specialized work. Quite honestly, your local Family lawyer is probably inexperienced when it comes to these kinds of cases. We handle these cases week in and week out! We can only help you if you contact us, so don't wait any longer! Our phones are answered 24 hours every day. We are available immediately for a crisis.


Like a great many Americans, we pride ourselves on our Constitutional protections. Among your Constitutional rights is the right to raise your children without undue interference. We deal with lots of cases where Children's Protective Services in Michigan is unduly interfering with parents, children and families. Unwarranted interference by CPS has created in us a drive to fight CPS false allegations of Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Molestation. We are outraged at the treatment we see and tactics used by CPS against hundres of innocent families. Unlike many CPS workers, we do not believe that you are guilty until proven innocent. We do not believe in tearing families apart.


At the moment you find you are being questioned for suspicion of Child Abuse, Neglect, Molestation, Domestic Violence, or Sexual Violence, you need us! We can provide confidential, expert experience that few Michigan lawyers can match. We know the CPS and DHS systems and are familiar with their own inherent bias in presenting a case. We offer a free, no strings attached 30-minute consultation to briefly evaluate your situation and your needs. This is not a time when we will give you free legal advice. Defending against a CPS charge is difficult, time consuming and specialized work. It is also lengthy and expensive. We do not want you to be suprised at this. We will discuss in advance, the costs of having our team of attorneys work for you. Click here for more information!


"Are our Family Protective Services really that good?"



In terms of experience, our attorneys have been in and out of courtrooms for about 70 years combinedthe collective wisdom of over 70 years, both in and out of the courtroom. We aggressively defend families and parents against the sometimes troublesome bullying tactics of DHS and CPS every week, and take pride in this work. We will not be intimidated by CPS. We are the solution for any CPS or DHS related fight.

CPS will often stop at nothing to try to get their way in a case. We've seen them turn family members against one another. We've seen Children's Protective Services workers lie. Most people would assume that your own family would go the extra mile to protect you in these instances. Not only can Michigan CPS twist what your family says, they sometimes misquote what was said to them in order to accomplish their own goals (whatever that might mean in a particular case.)

We alone will handle your case. Our five-attorney team is capable of providing you with the services of a one on one, trusted attorney-client relationship, with the added benefit of the attorney’s collective expertise and knowledge regarding even the most sensitive CPS issues. We are not intimidated by the half-truths sometimes spoken by CPS and DHS officials. We hold them accountable!

We have dealt extensively with the CPS and DHS systems. Few attorneys in Michigan have the kind of intimate knowledge of the process that we offer in our Family Protective Services. We do not take these proceedings lightly and will use every tool in our arsenal to get the right outcome for your family.

We use every tool in our legal arsenal to combat the kind of attack waged by CPS. We have highly trained support staff, from legal clerks to researchers, private investigators, and more. We have assembled the strongest combination of support for our attorneys that we can find. We are incredibly proficient in researching, litigating, and presenting all aspects of your case. This is the benefit of having a highly experienced Family Protection Services legal team in your corner.


If you have been questioned, or have been made aware of pending Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Molestation, and Physical Abuse by CPS, you need our help NOW! The situation you are in now can be very hazardous to the reputation and destructive to your family. We offer Family Protective Services to our clients that are unrivaled in the state. While we are not the cheapest law firm in the state of Michigan, we know that your family is worth every penny that you spend fighting to keep them together.


Unlike some others that claim to understand CPS cases of abuse and neglect, we do not outsource the work; we spend the hours it takes to affect the best defense. We will keep you in the loop concerning your case; we intend to keep you involved in every step of the litigation. You are a vital member of our protection team.We fight for families throughout the lower peninsula of Michigan. For exceptional cases, we have agreed to help in other states as well. Call us now to set up your consultation interview. 1-866-766-5245!


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